Régén De Peau II


Tired of spending tons of money on skincare products that don't do the trick? Looking for a natural skin care product that is a total game changer? Look no further! 

Régén De Peau II is like no other product you've ever used. Here are some of the benefits from this product:

- Deeply moisturizes skin

- Reduces under eye circles

- Reduces skin discoloration

- Visibly reduces pore size

- Restores youthful softness and pliability of the skin

- Reduces skin roughness

And much much more. Check out this revolutionary product that will make your skin happy :)



Are you wanting to up your business by providing a quality product to your customers? Do you own a salon, med spa, etc. and need a must-have product that provides stellar results for your clientele? We got ya covered. Check out our wholesale option of RÉGÉN DE PEAU II. 100 order minimum.